About Annet and Natural Coaching

In 2008 I started my own practice in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Stress Reduction. This is what I do best: Natural Medicine, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Healing & Reading in Leek in The Netherlands. I love supporting people in finding the strength to overcome difficulties and finding the courage to be strong and healthy (again). It is our birthright to shine! 
As a Kundalini yoga teacher I teach with enthousiasm and humor. I hope to inspire and uplift my students. Not only in The Netherlands but also abroad!

I believe in Healing beyond medicine: we all have it in us to be strong and healthy. The way to achieve this is by taking responsibility for our own physical and mental health. 

Through a spiritual and practical understanding of our body and mind, of our electromagnetic field, nutrition, health and the nervous system we can restore our pristine powers of self-healing. We can develop "super-consciousness" with the help of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation (Mindfulness), Nutrition, Breath Work and via Naturopathic and EFT support. 

Naturopathy/Natural Medicine, Health & Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Bodywork & Healing, EFT, Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Courses.